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Ingrid Schnell was born in Guadalajara, grew up in AZ, and now lives in LA writing songs that inspire hope, love, kindness, and inner-strength. She works as a vocalist, vocal coach, and songwriter by day and absolutely loves being a part of other people's journey in music. 

Ingrid's path to music was never a clear road. She started as a dancer, dancing in her mother's dance studio and found her love of music through movement. She didn't discover singing until she was dragged by her younger sister, Steph, into vocal lessons when she was 16. That was the day she realized how much she loved to sing. From then on she was involved in Musical Theater at her local community theaters. 

After getting her degree, she flew off to LA to join the music circus. She studied under amazing mentors and expanded her repertoire to include performing in the local Jazz scene. She has also performed a cabaret in LA and NYC, released her first EP, offered her voice for background vocals in film and other projects, and lead a local rock band. Ingrid is now collaborating with songwriters, releasing her music, and helping others in their own musical journey. 

"Backed by a great band and lyrics that speak to our hopes and heartbreaks, Ingrid's voice can be haunting and strong at the same time."

                                                             - Michelle Rundgren

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